Sunday, 2 December 2012

Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint

Never someone who wanted to stand out of the crowd I've always avoided lip glosses, sticks or tints that step outside of my one shade above boundary. Recently, I decided I was going to be more adventurous with my lip colours, especially seeing as there are some amazing shades around at the moment.
Having gone off the idea of lip glosses (the texture now makes me cringe for some reason) I decided to give lip tints ago. Anything to help my lazy self from having to reapply later on in the day.
And, this is what caught my eye - Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint. I picked this up in the shade Pink Princess (03), I know this isn't particularly exotic for many of you but for it's a lot darker than I usually go for. It promised long lasting colour, no fuss and no mess... what could go wrong?
The nib of this pen, reminds me of a felt tip pen, it's very small, precise and quite sturdy. Also, the long nib allows you to fill in your lips by using the side of it. It allowed me to draw a very precise line without a problem at all, and although this had quite a watery consistency the liquid is very pigmented.
The stain feels a little tacky on the lips, not gloopy but not glossy either. This texture did disappear after wearing it for around five minutes. The application wasn't particularly quick; first I applied it by defining the shape of my lips, so the stain could begin to settle on my skin. Then I applied again across the lips to build up the colour, after I rubbed my lips together otherwise it just sat on my lips without settling. And then, I did the whole process again just to make it pigmented, as it can look a little patchy otherwise.
As this is a stain I expected it to sit on my lips and not budge, at least for a few hours anyway. However, this wasn't the case, within three hours this had completely disappeared off my lips and I hadn't eaten or drank anything either.
Also, as someone who has particularly dry lips I was hoping it would be moisturising, but, within an hour my lips looked dry. With this stain on top it wasn't a good look. Plus, I also had bleeding around the side of my lips.
I didn't want to waste this product so applied Vaseline over the top to hydrate them and make them appear glossy rather than matte.  
As much as I grew to love the colour, this product is definitely not something I would buy again. It just seems such a waste of time going through the application process only for it to have worn off within a couple of hours. I will not be giving up my Jemma Kidd lip and cheek flush for this I'm afraid.
Anyone recommend some lip tints? I'm tempted to buy the Revlon Just Bitten lip tints?
P.S. Half term is nearing so expect to see me a lot more once these three assignments are handed in!


  1. I have a lip tint similar to this and I think they're all really drying to be honest. I want to try the chubby stick-style offerings that are everywhere at the moment, I think they'd make a nice alternative :) x

    1. Yeah I've heard good things about those, a lot of people have also been impressed with the new Soap and Glory gloss sticks. Going to have a look around :) x