Thursday, 8 November 2012

Benefit Brow Zings

When you have a fringe it's very easy to hide those untamed eyebrows. I was guilty of hiding my eyebrows behind my heavy side-sweeping fringe and forgetting about them. Since growing my fringe out, my eyebrows have become one of my priorities.
I am incredibly fussy about eyebrows. In the past I have left them very natural, however as they have become visible I've tried to keep them in a good condition. As someone who got a little tweezer happy when I was younger (something I seriously regret now), my eyebrows aren't the best. After using various serums I have managed to regain the thickness of my eyebrows, however, there are a few sparse patches in my eyebrows. This is where eyebrow pencils or eyebrow powder come in very handy.
I purchased the Benefit Brow Zings after running out of my beloved Urban Decay Brow Box. Instead I repurchasing I thought I would give the much raved about Benefit Brow Zings a try.
The Benefit Brow Zings product comes in a sleek compact, and you know what a sucker I am for cute, practical packaging. Within the compact you receive, a brow shaping wax which is colourless (although it looks brown in the packaging), brow powder in your chosen shade, a hard angle brush to apply the wax, a blending brush to apply the powder and mini-sized tweezers. This makes the product a great product for travelling, as you have everything you need to groom your eyebrows, all in one place.
It's very easy to use the compact. The first step is to use your blending brush and fill in any sparse areas with the powder. Then, take the hard angle brush and apply the wax on top to seal the brow powder. Finish off by plucking out any stray hairs with the mini tweezers. Handily, the compact comes with instructions and diagrams so you really cannot go wrong.
The Benefit Brow Zings is available in three shades: light, medium and dark. I chose the lightest shade, as recommended by the make-up artist and this is a perfect match for my light brown eyebrows. While the powder is the perfect shade, the wax has an orange tinge on my skin tone. I usually just give the wax a miss, the powder last all day so I wouldn't say it's essential to apply the wax.
This product retails at £22.50, for 2.65g of powder and 1.7g of wax. Admittedly this is expensive, but like with most eyebrow powders, a little goes a long way. I've been using this for around four months and I haven't hit pan yet.
Although this is a good product, I'm not sure that this is better than the Urban Decay Brow Box. It may just be me being fussy, but the powder seems a lot harder to apply, it just doesn't want to stick to my eyebrows. Either way, it's a good product, but for me Urban Decay provides my Holy Grail product.
Which eyebrow powder would you recommend?
P.S. Sorry for my mini blogging vacation, university took over my life and my laptop died and disappeared from my life - not good.